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This week in “TopTips” I am going to explain to you all about the craze


For most of us out there we have been taught from before we can remember, that after brushing always

Rinse out your mouth

This has been the advice given by Parents, Grandparents, Health visitors etc.

You name it – They’ve said it

Like all old habits, they die-hard and with the ever changing world of dentistry, another change is here …

Spit DON’T Rinse

As self-explanatory as this title may be – some folk are still confused by the term “Spit Don’t Rinse” !!

In a nutshell it basically means, DON’T rinse with water or mouthwash straight after tooth brushing.


Think about it – why would you brush with all of that lovely toothpaste, that is filled with all of the key ingredients that help to protect your teeth; to go and rinse it all away seconds after . . .Doesn’t make sense does it ??

“HELP!!!! my mouth is full of toothpaste”

Now, we don’t want you bubbling at the mouth – and of course we wouldn’t want to you walk around with a mouth full of Colgate; however did you know that a little toothpaste remaining on the teeth after you have brushed, has been scientifically proven to better protect your teeth. After brushing, just spit out any excess toothpaste.


“Why” ??????

By not rinsing your mouth out immediately after brushing (Approx. 30mins) it will ensure that you do not wash away the concentrated fluoride in the remaining toothpaste; therefore  you will not dilute it and not reduce its preventative effects.

Only use a bean size (yes that’s correct a baked bean) amount of toothpaste on your brush. This way you should have plenty to thoroughly brush the entire mouth and afterwards a bearable amount left over to spit – we always want a small amount of toothpaste to remain after brushing to ensure that the teeth have an adequate amount of fluoride left on them.

(Toothpaste amounts vary on age – Bean for adults – Pea for 10+ – Smear for under 10)

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