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 Last week in Top Tips I gave you some prevention advice on how to get rid of staining and I briefly touched on whitening as a long term method for stubborn staining.

So due to popular demand, this weeks blog will be dedicated to exactly that –

What is it?  

Where can I get it?

How does it work?


What exactly is tooth whitening?

Whitening lightens the teeth and helps to remove stains and discoloration. It is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures because it can greatly improve how your teeth look.

But, there are so many different types? 

There are many different types of whitening, however the most popular and effective methods are “In house” &“Take home”.

Who can perform this?

As this is a form of dentistry. It should only be performed by a Dentist or another fully trained dental professional that has been prescribed to do so by a Dentist i.e. dental hygienist or dental therapist.

Can my beauty therapist do this?Picture3

I would strongly recommend you only go to a registered dental professional for teeth whitening. Performed by anyone who isn’t a qualified dental professional, for example in beauty salons, is actually illegal.


Is it permanent?

No it is not permanent. It will last for a few months or a few years, it varies from person to person. As a general rule whitening last longer on those who do not smoke or drink red wine, coffee and tea. Whitening will also last significantly longer on those who follow a “white diet” i.e. avoid tomato based foods.

Are there any risks?

The biggest risk is sensitivity. With take home kits there is always the risk of burns to the gums, if the whitening solution is not used correctly or as indicated by your dentist.

Which do you recommended and why?

I personally hate waiting for things to happen/change, so I’m probably not the best candidate for “take home” … so I would always recommended “In house” because in a nutshell, you walk in and leave with whiter teeth on the exact same day! The great benefit about having “In House” at The Dentists of Didsbury – is that we not only will whiten your teeth on the same day but we will provide you with a “take home kit” at no extra cost, to prolong and ensure your new brighter smile!

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