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Fluoride – Mineral or Menace ?

There is a stigma that Fluoride is a menace, that it isn’t good for us, and can cause damage to our Oral and General health. This couldn’t be further from the truth and that is way extensive research and many studies have shown that, there is no convincing evidence to support these concerns.

It is a natural occurring mineral that can be found in some water supplies in and around the UK.

The truth is it is GREAT for our teeth and plays a vital part in preventing tooth decay for adults and children.

Just like everything that is good for us, will come the downside, a “RISK” but in this case it is nothing more than dose.

If a large amount of fluoride is consumed it can cause “Fluorosis”.


(Your dental professional will advise on dose)

(1350-1500 ppm (parts per million) within toothpaste is the recommended)

Fluorosis is caused by ingestion of excessive amounts of fluoride. It will hypo-mineralize the tooth enamel – mainly during formation; which is why it is more common in children.

Mild fluorosis appears on the tooth surface as pearly white lines but more severe fluorosis can cause the tooth’s enamel to become pitted or discoloured.

In the UK it is uncommon for fluorosis to effect the teeth any more than this.

Fluoride can be found in water, food and our toothpaste but did you know, sometimes the amount found in these products isn’t always enough for each individuals needs. If you are advised by your dental professional that you require a higher dose; you may want to consider products with higher content such as:

Toothpaste (prescription basis)

Fluoride mouth rinse 


Application (performed by a dental professional)

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