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Baby Teeth DO matter !

Myself, like many others around the world embraced our inner child/princess this month and joined thousands of excited children (and adults) at the cinema, to watch the long anticipated remake of

Beauty & The Beast  

Me and my sister decided to take my mum for mothers day, as it is her favourite Disney film of all time. Upon entering the cinema, I was well and truly taken back to my childhood. Little girls dressed as Belle (My Fancy Dress costume at primary school) all of the little boys pretending to not be excited to see a “Girlie” movie and better yet, fathers trying to hide the excitement and of course all of the mothers reliving a magical moment from their past, it was simply lovely.

Now I have been told and I am not ashamed to admit, that I am a big softy! The minute the movie began, my mascara had no chance of survival; tears of joy, laughter and even a little fear at certain points, were streaming down my face and then the “Song” came on. . .

 Tale As Old As Time !!!


Easily the BEST scene of the entire movie, everyone captivated by the dress, fully engrossed in the moment and a little girl sat besides my mum starts screaming!!Crying her little eyes out and complaining of pain from her mouth. She had consumed an entire box of popcorn, a large Coca Cola and was currently in the middle of a bag of Jelly snakes . . . I think the pain speaks for itself.

I completely understand children wanting treats whilst out and about and especially in the cinema, however a box full of sugar doesn’t necessary have to be the “Go To” in order to fulfil the need.

Safe snacks can still be yummy snacks

 So due to the interruption I was inspired to write this blog

Baby Teeth DO matter !

Are baby teeth important ??

 Many people think baby teeth don’t matter because they’ll eventually fall out. The truth is baby teeth DO matter. Baby teeth, otherwise referred to as the 1st or primary teeth, are very important to a child’s development.

But new ones will grow ??

Yes this is correct, however the health of the “Baby” teeth are key to early development. They help:

  • Foster good nutrition through proper chewing
  • Aid in speech development
  • Enable a child to pay attention and learn in school without the distraction of dental pain
  • Save space in the jaw that is needed for proper development of adult (permanent) teeth

How many times should kids brush ??

2x per day – Morning and Night (Night time brushing is key)

For children under the age of 10yrs we always recommend brushing to be done or at least supervised by an adult.

Baby paste or adult paste??

Adult toothpaste – the entire family can use Colgate total. Children’s toothpaste doesn’t always have the correct quantity of fluoride therefore adult paste is best. (just a smear).

What is a safe snack ??

Carrot sticks, Cheese, Apples, Nuts, Sliced meats, Bagels, Pears etc.

(anything not containing sugar)

When should my little one see a Dentist ??

As soon as the first tooth starts to break through (Erupt). The dentist can be a scary place for anyone so getting your child used to the environment from an early age will help prevent fear in the future.

For more information on how to keep your children’s teeth healthy book in to our FREE Kiddie Clinic now !!


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