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Five Facial I Do’s & I Don’ts before the BIG Day 

The most important day of your life and all eyes are on you!

What is the point in a photographer if there isn’t a picture perfect you.

Five Top Tips for all Brides (& Grooms) on how to get that Fresh-Faced look in time for the BIG Day !



Whether you’re a regular or a virgin most have considered BOTOX before their wedding day. If you’re a regular to the treatment then our tip to you is say “I Do” to BOTOX two weeks before your big day. This will ensure your Fresh-Faced look is at its optimal result just in time. If you’re a BOTOX virgin. Our tip to you is to say “I Don’t” anything less than six weeks before your special day; due to each individuals face; swelling and bruising are a common side effect to any BOTOX treatment. So for first timers always book way in advance for any facial aesthetic treatment.


Dermal Fillers

Just like BOTOX, most have considered them fuller, plumper lips for the “You may kiss the Bride” moment to. Regulars, our tip to you is to say “I Do” to Fillers two weeks before the wedding.  Filler virgins, our tip to you is to say “I Don’t” anything less than five weeks before your wedding day.  Reactions and swelling are a common side effect to any Dermal Filler treatment; so for first timers always book way in advance.


Mene & MOY

Not quite ready for BOTOX ? Say “I Do” to a Mene & Moy pamper session. All of the Mene & Moy facial products are guaranteed to give your face that uplifting, radiant glow before your wedding day. Our tip to all is to start your cleansing and moisturising regime with these products three weeks before the wedding for optimal results.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

No face is complete without a Diamond White smile. Our tip to all is to say “I Do” to Phillips Zoom teeth whitening. Instant results and up to eight shades whiter in just one sitting. We recommend any teeth whitening treatment to be done two weeks prior to your Big day.  Sensitivity is the biggest risk when it comes to teeth whitening and lets face it, not many Brides or Grooms want to say no to a celebratory glass of chilled champagne. Use Sensodyne toothpaste one week before your teeth whitening appointment and continue to use two weeks after, this will reduce the risk of further sensitivity.


Dreaming of straighter teeth before your Big day? Our tip to all is say “I Do” to Invisalign. The removable, comfortable and nearly invisible way to straighten your teeth. If your wedding is more than three months away then book an invisalign consultation to start your journey ASAP.

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