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Summer Smiles

Summer is almost upon us and everyone is getting ready to look their BEST for all of the “summertime fun that lies ahead. Before we know it the smell of freshly cut grass will sweep through the air, BBQ’s a blaze and the long warm summer nights that slowly turn into mornings; will be the highlight of conversation back at the office on Monday. 

It’s such a beautiful time of the year and everyone feels FAB!   


Myself and the girls (the ones I could actually persuade) have all re-joined the gym and if you’re anything like us, the “Summer bod” is for-sure still hiding under winters wobble – Spin class here we come !!! I am determined to lose the extra lbs this year and wear that bikini with CONFIDENCE !!!


It’s crazy how some warm weather can send everyone into overdrive the “I’ll start that next week” to do list, all of a sudden doesn’t have a week left –  including getting your teeth whitened!

Three friends in the space of one week have all been in contact, frantic about having their teeth whitened in time for their holidays . . .

Holidays they go on in less than a week . . . Really guys ???


                Phillips Zoom Teeth Whitening             


Zoom In House!

Up to 8 shades whiter in a single visit. You can come in and leave with whiter teeth on the EXACT same day !! ( Not to mention we even throw in a take-home kit) . . . Who said Dentist aren’t nice??

Zoom Take Home!

Tailor-made trays to fit your mouth, along with our Phillips Zoom take home gel, will noticeably whiten your teeth within as little as 3 days.

Zoom QuickPro!

Complete DIY kit ready to purchase straight from our practice. Simply follow the simple instructions and have yourself a brighter smile in just 4 days.


Yes, some whitening can be done in one day, although many fail to take into consideration the other factors that can increase this time frame.

  • Appointments – Busy practice = Busy appointment book – Secure an appointment in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • Oral health – All of our whitening packages are subject to an Oral health check. This is to determine your oral health before proceeding with any cosmetic treatment.
  • Sensitivity – We recommend everyone to use a sensitive toothpaste one week prior to treatment and for two weeks after. First timers, start your whitening journey two weeks before a special event to avoid sensitivity.

For more info or to book in your Zoom Teeth Whitening contact us now

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