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Who is “Tasha”

Natasha, Tash, Nat, Tasha . . . However you wish to say it,

I am the Treatment Coordinator (and in house blogger) for The Dentists of Didsbury

I have been working within the world of dentistry since 2011 and within that time I have become obsessed with every aspect of my Smile.


“Life Changing” 


Ever since I had braces (“Train-Tracks” . . . Life changing) at the tender age of 12, I became infatuated with my smile and all of the ways I could improve it.

“High School Days”

The reason I said “life changing” is exactly that!! Braces quite literally changed my life. I was the real life “Nanny McPhee” growing up; I struggled to close my mouth for a long period of time and I suffered the oh so famous “Goof Troop” comment on more than one occasion . . .

Ahhhh the good old High School days

“I know how you feel”

Due to genetics I was always doomed to have poorly positioned teeth – both parents had braces as children and so did my older sister. Not only was it the comments that bothered me, it was the look of my teeth all together that crushed my self confidence. Along with many other factors, smiling in a photo was a no –go!

Whether it be the position, the colour, the feel or just the overall look; when I say “I know how you feel”- I literally know exactly how you feel!


So that’s where it all began and 12yrs later I am here to spread my knowledge and hopefully help some of you out there learn, understand and get a better overall Smile” 

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Natasha Edwards

Treatment Coordinator

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