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Festivities behind us, the New Year well underway and the emptiness of most of our bank accounts, has now made us question the “Little extras” we piled into our Christmas shopping that day in Tesco. It is that awkward time of the year when we are all spent up and payday seems a million miles away; the last thing we need is an additional cost to be deducted from the already minus bank balance!

So what better time to hear that we are offering a FREE service here at

The Dentists of Didsbury

” K I D D I E – C L I N I C”

We are all guilty of over indulging over the festive period, the sugary sweets and pop drinks that we wouldn’t normally consume (or not as often) or even allow our little ones to know the name of; all goes out of the window.

So a check at the dentists is probably the most sensible thing we could do for our children.

Start off the new year as we mean to go on . . .

Pain free, Healthy and most importantly Happy.

What is kiddie clinic?

A free service for children, which will allow us to check your child’s oral health.

What will happen at the check?

  • Full mouth assessment by the Dentists
  • Comprehensive, one to one oral hygiene instruction with our specially trained nurse
  • Tips on diet advice
  • Fluoride application (if required)
  • A tailored treatment plan

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Apart from your child and their toothbrush we ask for nothing else. . .

However, if you really wanted to impress you could come along with a 3-day diet sheet of all the foods and drinks your child had consumed that past week.

When can I book in?

Give our practice a call and we will be happy to arrange a time and date that fits your schedule.

For more information on Kiddie clinic check out our “Services page”

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