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Invisalign- Clear Braces…


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What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the clear, comfortable & nearly invisible way to straighten teeth using aligners. The future of teeth straightening is here.

What is an “Aligner”?

Aligners (a prettier/slimmer version of a mouth guard) are a custom made removable appliance. This means throughout your treatment, you can straighten your teeth without anyone even knowing. (Did you know Justin Bieber wears them)

Will it hurt?

Invisalign can be slightly uncomfortable the first time you wear the aligners. This is due to the mouth adjusting to a foreign body and the teeth being manipulated into the correct position; therefore this causes the discomfort. (Think of the first time you wear those lovely new shoes that haven’t moulded to your foot just yet).

How long will it take?

Each case of treatment is different for each individual. At your consultation your dentist will give you a time frame for completion of your treatment. (On average Invisalign can take between 3-18 months)

Can I still eat as normal?

Yes you can eat and drink as normal. Just as long as you remove the aligners before doing so. (You can drink water with your aligners in place).

How long do I have to wear an aligner?

For optimal results, 20-22 hrs per day wear time is what we suggest. With the aligners being custom made to fit your mouth comfortably, this time frame should not be an issue for anyone.

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