Dental decay is caused by the softening of the overlying enamel and dentine of a tooth due to acid attack released by certain bacteria in the mouth after eating or drinking anything containing sugars. Over time, the acid makes a cavity (hole) in the tooth. The risk of developing cavities increases if you have a habit of snacking on sweet foods or drinks in between meals. Dental decay is the same as tooth decay and is also known as dental caries.

By attending regularly for your oral health checks here at The Dentists of Didsbury, we would monitor the health of your teeth and provide you with advice on how to keep them healthy as well as provide treatments to help you to prevent tooth decay.

Enamel caries can be reversed with no need for a filling, if, however, the cavity extends into the underlying dentine, a filling would be required to restore the health of the tooth.

Should you require a filling, we have a range of options available to you. We can place a functional amalgam (silver) filling, alternatively, for a more aesthetically pleasing solution, we also offer composite (tooth-coloured/white) fillings.

We can also replace your existing amalgam fillings with composite fillings.

Fillings can also be used to repair worn teeth.

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Our Dental Services

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New Patient Oral Healthcheck

A fully comprehensive dental consultation, assessment, and bespoke care for all of new patients.

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Oral Healthcheck

Your maintenance dental consultation, assessment, and bespoke care plan for our existing patients.

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Healthy Gums

Your regular hygiene visit to keep your mouth healthy, bright, and fresh for optimal oral health.

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It is important to maintain your smile, if you have decay you may need a filling – we can help.

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Root Canal Therapy

Needed when the pulp inside your tooth becomes infected through tooth decay or damage.

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Veneers & Smile Design

A cosmetic solution to improving the appearance of your teeth, in a short period of time.

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A crown is used to cap a weakened tooth or to improve its overall appearance.

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Inlays & Onlays

These are 2 types of restorations for a cavity in your tooth that is too big to be filled.

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Permanent teeth can last a lifetime, teeth that have become damaged or decayed may extracting.

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Emergency Care

Our aim is to see you as soon as possible and take you out of pain.

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Dental bridges literally bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth.

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Whether you have one or more or indeed all your teeth missing, Dentures can be used to replace teeth.

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TMD Treatment

Symptoms ranging from face, jaw or neck pain, headaches and painful clicking in the jaw. Talk to us about relief.

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We are proud to offer our patients Invisalign® and Naz is your Certified Invisalign Provider.

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Teeth Whitening

We are accredited providers of Philips Zoom and Enlighten whitening treatments, talk to us about you whitening options.

Dental Services in Didsbury

Dental Services

We provide good quality, ethical and safe private treatment for all our patients.

Smile Plans

Smile Plans

Our Smile Maintenance Plans are better tailored to your individual healthcare needs.

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