Our Ethos

Cosmetic Dentistry with a Conscience. We are DIFFERENT

D edicated Our team are fully trained in what we do and are committed to providing high quality dental care.
I nformative We will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your care.
F riendly We will put you at ease and endeavour to make your visit an enjoyable experience.
F ocussed You are our priority and we will deliver bespoke care tailored to your needs.
E mpathetic We are here to understand your needs and opinions and incorporate them into your care.
R eliable You can rest assured in the knowledge that we will deliver consistently high-quality care.
E thical We offer cosmetic treatment with a conscience. We will discuss options openly and honestly to help you make the right decision for you.
N on-judgemental Everyone is welcome to benefit from our expertise in maintaining oral health for life.
T rustworthy You can rely on us to work with you in your best interests.

Don’t just take our word for it. Why not pop in and see us and decide for yourself?

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In other words…

Dentistry is a vocation. You can rest assured that our team is fully trained in what we do. We keep our knowledge and skills up to date to ensure that we can provide you with the best care we can.

We’ll give you all the information on the benefits and risks for any treatment we offer you and won’t make you feel rushed to come to a decision so you can make an informed choice. We’ll also be there to provide you with the necessary follow-up care.

We’ve all heard those stories of the dreaded school dentist but here at The Dentists of Didsbury we aim to make you feel at ease and welcome all your questions – why not have a scan of our patient testimonials?

You are our priority. That’s why your care will be bespoke to you and your needs unlike the restrictive NHS system, we can offer you so much more. Together, we’ll come to the best options to suit you, your mouth and your lifestyle.

We’re here to listen, because no one knows your needs better than you. Your opinion matters so we’ll tailor your care to meet your needs.

We know you lead a busy life, beyond 9 till 5. That’s why we have early morning and late evening appointments available to suit you.

We provide cosmetic procedures, but with a conscience. If we feel that a procedure isn’t quite right for you, we can offer you advice and care and work together towards giving you that smile you’ve always wanted.

No one’s perfect. We’re just here to advise you on how to achieve a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile and our expertise in maintaining it for life.

We are regulated by the GDC, CQC and are working towards becoming a BDA Good Practice.

If you have any questions, or like to know more, please give us a call on 0161 445 4005, or send us a message through the website.

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Manchester M20 5WD

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